One-time, objective, trusted, professional advice when you want it, tailored to fit your occasional needs.


CastleBay's Advisor On-Demand provides you with a suite of professional financial planning services that you can individually select based on your needs. We are here to help you, whether you want to determine a suitable and optimal asset allocation so that you can take care of your investments on your own, or require a comprehensive financial plan.

For instance, if you currently have a financial advisor you may want a second opinion to see if your portfolio is being managed according to a reasonable investment strategy, given your current age, investor profile and future retirement goals. You may also be wondering if your portfolio holds investments that are suitable for you, or you may not understand them as much as you would like to. Furthermore, is your advisor implementing your strategy properly? How much are you really paying in fees and expenses, and in your opinion, is the service and communication that you receive worth it? Also, you may be wondering if you can retire in a certain number of years, and what that may look like.

Outlined below are the financial planning areas that we can help you with, either on a one-time or re-occurring basis. There is no obligation to engage us for ongoing services afterwards.


Retirement Projections

We take an in-depth look at your financial life to provide you with a clear view of future retirement possibilities.

  • Income, expenses, assets, liabilities & cash flow analysis
  • Savings, hard assets, non-registered & registered accounts
  • Canada Pension Plan & Old Age Security
  • Employer & individual pension plans
  • Corporate profit sharing plans & partnerships
  • Multi-scenario multi-variable retirement projections


Portfolio Review

We can provide a detailed and unbiased analysis and objective opinion of your portfolio and strategy to see if it aligns with your short and long-term objectives and is implemented properly.

  • Return objectives, risk objectives & constraints analysis
  • Asset allocation & portfolio rebalancing analysis
  • Portfolio allocations & holdings suitability review
  • Portfolio activity & transactions review
  • Fees & expenses review
  • Tax-effective investment planning
  • Review of Investment Policy Statement (IPS)


Tax Planning

We help you to structure your finances and taxes efficiently so that you do not pay more taxes than you have to.

  • Personal, family & business taxes
  • Executive & stock-based compensation
  • Charitable giving
  • Tax-effective finance planning


Insurance Review

We give you an unbiased opinion on whether you need insurance coverage in the first place, if the amount and type of coverage is appropriate, and how you might be able to use insurance as a tool to achieve some of your goals.

  • Insurance needs analysis
  • Optimal policies & options review
  • Tax-effective insurance planning


Estate Planning

We integrate all aspects of your life and finances so that you can build your legacy and avoid potentially costly mistakes. We review your wills and other estate planning documents to ensure they are appropriate and we provide ideas for improvement.

  • Assets, liabilities & beneficiaries review
  • Current estate planning documents review
  • Estate needs analysis
  • Optimal estate plan recommendations
  • Tax-effective estate planning

Our Fees


Retirement projections

  • multi-scenarios
  • multi-variables

Retirement analysis

  • retirement projections
  • portfolio review
  • tax planning

Comprehensive financial plan

  • retirement projections
  • portfolio review
  • tax planning
  • insurance review
  • estate planning


$1,000 + GST


$2,000 + GST


$3,000 + GST